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MIKARIMBA: featuring Shin Sakaino, Duke Gadd, Steve Gadd,
Mika & Richard Stoltzman
Rockport Jazz Festival 
August 13, 2015
Mika Yoshida

Carol, Mika, & Steve at Java's
in Rochester, NY - 2006

Steve & Mika "Mikarimba" pre-production

Mika met Steve in 2005 at PASIC 2005. Since then,
they have become great friends and worked on
ivarious projects together.
After playing live shows in
JAPAN and NYC, Mika released a live DVD
and studio album.

Gadd & Yoshida -PASIC 2005

Steve Gadd & Mika Yoshida - 2011
Mika Yoshida, Carol Gadd, & Flora Peters - Java's 2007
Richard Stoltzman, Mika Yoshida, and Steve Gadd- 2010
Gadd with Mika Yoshida in the studio

Mika Yoshida's "Mikarimba" - BACK

Steve, Cheep, and Mika on tour in 2009
  STEVE GADD produced MIKA YOSHIDA's CD, "Mikarimba."
Also available: Mika's live DVD from 2009,
"Marimba Madness."

Find out more about MIKA YOSHIDA at her website-

To PURCHASE these products, contact MIKA-

Here is the MIKARIMBA direct link to iTunes:

Steve & Mika - Party after festival - 2008

"I listened and watched Caravan and Spain on your
Mika Madness DVD - - - excellent! I like the rhythm phrase
you played on Caravan - and your improvising is very spirited!
My congratulations. I will listen more later.

All the best, Chicka"
-Chick Corea
Mika Yoshida "Mikarimba" - FRONT

"Mikarimba" - JAPANESE version!

  MIKA YOSHIDA “Mikarimba" (2010)
CD Review by Malcolm Moore

MIKA YOSHIDA releases new CD featuring:
Steve Gadd (drums), Eddie Gomez (bass)
and Anders Wihk (piano)

Marimba virtuoso Mika Yoshida shines in this beautiful debut
recording, produced by legendary drummer Steve Gadd. Although
the diverse influence of her mentors (Steve Gadd, NEXUS, Steve
Reich, and Mike Manieri) is evident, she truly has her own voice.
Backed by an outstanding band, Yoshida is joined by Steve Gadd
on drums, Eddie Gomez on bass, and Anders Wihk on piano. After
touring together for 3 years, Yoshida and her band have put
together an eclectic collection of joyful songs with “Mikarimba”
that puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Packed with ebullient classical tunes such as Beethoven’s
“Pathetique” and enigmatic jazz standards such as Chick
Corea’s “Pixiland Rag”, Yoshida still manages to continually
engage the listener with surprising arrangements of tunes like
“The Duke” (by Gadd) where she and Gomez actually sing and
scat with Gadd! This is definitely the most fun tune on the disc,
and worth the full price alone. Audiophiles will delight in Gadd’s
lush production that reveals nuances, dynamics, and complex
musical interplay on multiple levels.

Kicking off the album is Billy Strayhorn’s Take the “A” Train,
which many remember Gadd doing an astounding version with
the late Richard Tee in the 1980’s. This time around, Mika and
Gadd re-imagine it with a new uptempo twist that starts everything
out with a bang. It’s as if the band is stating their bearings, but
also letting the listener know that they are only at the very
beginning of a mystical journey that will take them on a wild ride.
Next, they set sail into a calypso version of Juan Tizol’s "Caravan",
where Mika falls into a loose groove framed by Gadd’s cowbell
funk and Gomez’s low frequency spooky scat buzz, and Wihk’s
subtle, but textural and warm comping.

Corea’s “Pixiland Rag” starts out as an abstract, falling piece
of artistic mastery, with Mika and Wihk wandring amongst the
blooming melody. As Gadd sporadically dances in on brushes,
Gomez pops up like the first glimpse of spring. The music is at
fist sparse, but gradually evocative of simplified and profound
beauty. After this is the Gomez classic Gadd Gand tune,
“Morning Love.” This new take is magnificent as Gadd’s
elegant production draws out Gomez unique voice and lilting,
melodious masterpiece.

Yoshida’s take on Beethoven’s “Pathetique” is pure bliss.
During the solo section, it’s almost unrecognizable, as the
band has turned it into a 1970’s funk groove. Only Gadd and
Gomez can travel between grooves with this amount of ease,
and Yoshida makes it work by utilizing her accomplished
classical chops. What better to follow this song, than with
Benny Anderson’s “Slangpolska.” But this time, the band plays
it with traditional march-like bravado, which inspires one to
move like a robot soldier around the room. This album is full
of countless surprises, including a completely serene version
of Ennio Morricone’s “Deborah’s Theme” that sails by with
sweet tranquility, almost as a brief interlude for what follows.

Steve Gadd’s “The Duke” could be called the centerpiece to “Mikarimba.” It employs all that is brilliant about the band and the
album. It’s a catchy song, with the band singing along, and the performance is superb. Gadd shines here as a drummer, producer, arranger, and musical visionary. After this, another masterful tune
by Corea, “Sicily.” This is done with great exuberance and fluidity
as Mika evokes an Italian mandolin tremolo effect as Gadd skips
along with his choppy and delicate brushwork. Mika next covers
the 1984 classic Gadd composition, “Gadd About.” Wihk adds
ambience on Fender Rhodes and the band sails through
this funky tune with ease.

Once again, just when you think you have this band figured
out, they pull out something like “Glasgow Boogie”, another
Andersson gem. Mika and the band flip back and forth between
straight-ahead swing and what can only be described a sea-going
jig. After that, it’s time to chill again with another Gadd tune,
"Strength." This laid-back ballad, originally from the eponymous
1987 Gadd Gang album, takes on a new vibe, especially when
Gadd scats in his exclusive smoky growl. The call and response between Yoshia and Wihk is seamless and beautiful.

Mikarimba ends with two blazing choices; “Tico Tico,” by Zequinha
de Abreu and a third Andersson choice, “Voulez Vous.” Tico Tico
is a challenging piece on marimba, but Yoshida performs it with excellence and grace with the band providing a bright and
egalitarian landscape, dressing up Yoshida in a royal cloak.
“Voulez Vous” is a perfect grand finale that showcases each
band member in their own spotlight. Most enjoyable is Gadd’s
solo toward the end that is framed in a Latin cornucopia of
ecstasy, bringing the album to a close with a celebratory display
of musical pyrotechnics. Yoshida is an artist to keep an eye on,
because her future is surely guaranteed to continually provide
music fans with excitement and wonder.

One of the most influential drummers of all time, Steve Gadd
set a new standard in contemporary drumming techniques and
performance, and in doing so launched a thousand imitators.
Recording so many legendary drum tracks like "Aja," "Fifty
Ways to Leave Your Lover," "Late in the Evening" and "Nite
Sprite," there is no drummer alive today who in some way has
not been effected by Steve Gadd. His influence is still very
much felt and can be heard in the playing of everyone from
Vinnie Colaiuta to Carter Beauford. And still to this day there
is no one who can get "inside" a tune and find the "pocket"
quite like the great Steve Gadd.

Legendary bassist Eddie Gomez has been on the cutting edge
of music for over four decades. The Latin Grammy award-winner’s impressive resumé includes performances with jazz giants
such as Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Bill Evans, Gerry Mulligan
and Benny Goodman. Eddie’s unique sound and style can be
heard on hundreds of recordings spanning the worlds of jazz,
classical, Latin jazz, rhythm & blues, popular and contemporary

Anders Wihk is an accomplished pianist and producer
who has worked with Tommy Nilsson, Alex Acuna,
Larry Carlton, and The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra,
among countless others.

Mika recording MIKARIMBA!



Though this CD is by talented marimba player named Mika, the great drummer (and Rochester native) Steve Gadd co-stars. They're joined
by world-class bassist Eddie Gomez and pianist Anders Wihk. I can't recall a happier album. First, it's the marimba (a wooden vibraharp),
with its playful sound. I can't imagine playing a dirge on it. The tunes
are also upbeat, like Duke Ellington's "Take the A Train" and
"Caravan," Chick Corea's "Sicily" and Gadd's own "Duke." The arrangements wonderfully showcase not only Mika's playing, but
also Gadd's remarkable stick and brush work. The album might
be hard to find (it's on iTunes and a few other Internet sites),
but it's worth the effort.

-Jack Garner, Democrat & Chronicle


Mika Yoshida - Marimba Madness DVD (2010)

An unusual but delightful jazz outing on video. Haven’t heard great
jazz marimba like this since hearing Red Norvo live once at the
Bach Dynamite and Dancing Society at Halfmoon Bay, CA. The DVD
opens with a map showing the part of SW Japan where Mika hails
from and where the concert was held at Tamana City, nearby. Like
a few Japanese jazz performers, Mika is on the high level that
attracts noted American jazz performers to not only appear with her
but make recordings together. Steve Gadd is in fact producing her
CD which will be out later this year. The excellent young pianist in
the quartet is the son of noted clarinetist Richard Stoltzman.

Mika divides her tunes between two mallets and four. She’s
lightning-fast and can really swing with the best of them. The Duke
is not Dave Brubeck’s homage to Ellington, but Steve Gadd’s, and equally interesting. The 14-minute/3-section Mika Suite is great fun,
and pianist Stoltzman’s arrangement of Caravan returns us
gracefully to the music of Ellington. For me the highlight of the
DVD is the lengthy interpretation of Chick Corea’s wonderful Spain.
All four players get to shine on this one and it’s a gem among the
many varied interpretations of this tune that have been released.
The encore selection opens with a tune that sounds like a player
piano or orchestrion tune of the late 1890s (the latter had marimba
or xylophone attachments) and has a couple other trad-sounding
tunes I could recognize but not name. Sonics are good, but I found
Mika’s marimba sounded far clearer on straight stereo playback
rather than attempting to achieve a surround field via ProLogic II
or DTS Neo 6.

-John Henry


A quiet strength pervades Marimba Madness (Big Round Records),
a concert video that showcases veteran Japanese musician
MikaYoshida. Any band anchored by rhythm stalwarts Steve Gadd
and Eddie Gomez is in good hands, and the pair keeps things at a
low boil here without ever seeming to strain. The music—a mix of contemporary compositions and a pair of Duke Ellington standards—
is arranged as a series of tightly interlocking parts, notably Mika’s rippling countermelody on “Take The ‘A’ Train.” Much of the video features a deep-focus twoshot of her and Gadd, and their flawless interplay is a treat for percussionists.

Down Beat by James Hale
Gadd with Mika Yoshida in the studio: January 2010

Mika's New CD "Mikarimba!", produced by Steve Gadd, is
released amidst a very successful tour of Japan.

This special tour included; SteveGadd (Drums), EddieGomez (Bass) ,
AndersWihk (piano) and Richard Stoltzman (Clarinet).

21st - Fukuoka city
22nd - Kagoshima
25th- Osaka
26th- Tokyo
27th- Nagoya

  MIKA YOSHIDA on Tour - March 2010    
Peter John Stoltzman, Richard Stoltzman, Eddie Gomez, Mika Yoshida, & Gadd: Island Magic 2008
Steve Gadd & Mika Yoshida: Island Magic 2008
Island Magic 2008: Gomez, Gadd, & Yoshida - Photo By Toshimi Hatano
Island Magic 2008: Gomez, Gadd, & Yoshida - Photo By Toshimi Hatano
Island Magic 2008: Gadd, & Yoshida - Photo By Toshimi Hatano
Island Magic 2008 - Photo By Toshimi Hatano

STEVE GADD BAND: 2015 Upcoming 70 Strong Tour

Sept 6 Tokyo Jazz Festival, Tokyo, Japan
Sept 7 Nagoya Blue Note, Nagoya Japan
Sept 8 Club Quattro, Osaka, Japan
Sept 9 Takamatsu Anabuki Hall, Takamatsu, Japan
Sept 11 Blue Note Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Sept 12 Blue Note Tokyo, Tokyo Japan
Sept 14 The Esplanade, Singapore
Sept 16 HK City Hall Concert Hall, Hong Kong

Oct 29 JazzNoJazz, Zurich, Switzerland
Oct 30 Volkhaus, Basel, Switzerland
Oct 31 Fasching, Stockholm, Sweden

Nov 1 Fasching, Stockholm, Sweden
Nov 2 Copenhagen, Denmark
Nov 3 Cosmopolite, Oslo, Norway
Nov 5 Concert Hall Boerderij, Zoetermeer, NL
Nov 6 Stadthalle Neuwied, Neuwied, Germany
Nov 7 Ingolstadt Jazztage, Ingolstadt, Germany
Nov 8 Ramada Plan B Stage, Aalen, Germany
Nov 9 Forum Leverkusen, Leverkusen, Germany 
Nov 11 Kunsthaus, Weiz, Austria
Nov 12 Porgy & Bess, Vienna, Austria 
Nov 13 Palace of Arts, Budapest, Hungary
Nov 14 Lucerna Music Bar, Prague, Czech Republic
Nov 15 Drumfest, Opole, Poland 
Nov 16-18 Ronnie Scott’s, London, UK

Dec 3-5 Catalina Jazz Club, Hollywood, CA

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