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  Steve Gadd    

I’ve listened to Steve Gadd’s work since 1978. I’ve played the drums for 20 years as a
semi-professional and I know that great feeling that occurs when playing good music.
Imagine, I’ve never thought of looking up Steve on the internet before today and to my
surprise I found his official website. What great news! Yesterday I listened to Chick
Corea and Friends again and the drumming that Steve does is out of this world.

I know that Steve has been praised by so many people and that my contribution is
just one of many. But if you get the opportunity to talk to him, please tell him that a lot
of musicians and music lovers think of him always and that he lifts our spirit.
I don’t think that he can imagine how great an impact his work makes on people.
I for one will listen to him till I die.

Steve, you rule the world of music. Thank you for being there.

Kind Regards,
Karsten Riber
Copenhagen, Denmark


Thank you very much for your performance in Japan!I had a chance to listen to your playing with Toshiki
Kadomatsu and Japanese top musicians on Dec/15th, 2006. I was very, very, very HAPPY! How did you
feel? I'm looking forward to see your performance with Japanese musicians again.I wish you and your
family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Sincerely, tomo
  Hello to Steve and all the others who make the website so much wonderful.

My name is Mickey Raimi ram and i live in Israel. As you probably know israel is suffering alot from
terror and fear and me as a drummer your website is a ray of light for me and steve gives me alot of confident and joy in these difficult days.Just wanna say thank you steve and everyone else for this wonderful and great site,I really try not to immitate steve in my private life but he's the great drummer
I have ever see. Thank you! Steve come to Israel everyone here are waiting to see you in some
hot stuff clinic.

Shalom from Tel aviv ...
(goodbye and hi from israel).
:) cheers!
  Dear Steve,

My name is Mike Clark and I am the drummer that played with Herbie Hancock in the 70's. Once while
on the road Hancock came to my room and brought me a tape of the record you made with Chick before
it was finished. Herbie was on a track or two and when I heard it I was like man that drummer is killin'.
Of course it was you and I have been a fan ever since. If you want to check me out my website is I was a child drummer as you were and played a similar style coming from
Buddy and Gene at eleven or twelve and I remember you from that time period as well as later.
I later got into Roy, Elvin and Tony etc. as you did. I am about the same age you are. All this to say
I think you are a great drummer and wanted to say hello as we have never met.

Sincerely, Mike Clark
  Hi there,

I just wanted to comment on the above concert I went to see at Birmingham last night. It was a wonderful
concert for me, and made extra special as Steve's playing was awesome, his timing exceptional, and his
love of playing the drums with such talented artists alongside Paul Simon shone throughout the concert.
He also came across to the crowd as affectionate and caring. I look forward, and am sure I echo the thoughts and feelings of the rest of the crowd there last night to seeing Steve again in the
United Kingdom. He has given music that extra bit of magic and sparkle! Many many thanks.

Carol, Derby England.
  Mr. Gadd,

My name is Anthony, I'm 13 and I'm am a student of Joe Morello ( his youngest student) just want to say
I've seen and heard about every thing you have ever done. you are the best and no one can touch you. you
are such an inspiration to me. I'm learning from the best and hope to be as great as you guys some day. I've been playing since I'm 4 years old, watching and listening to you makes me work harder and play stronger.

Hope you are doing well
...Anthony "Ant" Wagner
  Hello Steve Gadd,

I've been a big fan of yours since the Chuck Mangione, Steely Dan, Paul Simone
("One Trick Pony"/Live-At The Tower Theater videos), Pat Methany, Al Jerreau, Tom Scott live
performance & recording (the list goes on). I met you in Las Vegas, NV, back in 1987 at UNLV.
You performed at a drum clinic sponsored through 'MaHoney's Drum Shop' (Marty Mahoney).
And we briefly talked about some drum stuff. My memory is indulible, and to this day I remember
how nice of a person you were with me and the others in attendance, above & beyond your
demonstrations. You are one of my biggest influences and reasons why I ever wanted to play
drums (besides pre-listening to allot of rock drummers). Your talent and influeneces with a
world of drummers are admired....I'm one of them as well. Then later in years I became
a professional fine art artist.....but still playing the drums with friends at local clubs to date.

My pleasure to write you,
Jon Hul
  Mr. Gadd,

I've been enjoying and thriving on your playing for over 20 years, and I just purchased tickets to see you
perform live at the Blue Note NYC November 14 with Chick Corea. I absolutely cannot wait, as I've never
seen you perform live before. I won't bother you with the 100's of comments that you've already heard
100's of times before from 100's of other fans, even though I could certainly go on and on with praise of
your approach to music. I realize that there is no real way to stand out in what must be an ocean of emails
and compliments, so I will just say "thank you" for everything that you've contributed to music in general
and to drumming specifically. I'm looking forward to my first trip to the Big Apple, but I'm even more
excited to see you throw down live on stage with Chick Corea and the rest of the Leprechaun Band.

Thank you so much for everything,
Nathan Zickefoose
  Dr. Steve Gadd,

My name is Jim McGhee and I have been teaching for 28 years. I just recently purchased Eric Clapton's 2001 tour DVD and watched in amazement as you and the entire band blewthe crowd away with your excellence and energy. The DVD has been an inspiration for mebecause when I see professionals such
as you and the other guys giving 100% it makes going to work and doing the same thing in the classroom much easier for me. The entire experience of watching the Concert was an inspiration and when I need to get a little pumped up I just put it in and I am ready to go and educate the Youth of America.
I guess I just wanted to say thank you.

You are truly a Gifted Man.Jim McGhee
  Dear Steve,

I pray that you and your family are well and also hope that this message finds you in good health. My
name is Mike Leasure and we met on the last day of NAMM last year and you were so gracious to pose
in a picture w/me along with Luis Conte ( you might remember me because when we met, I started
balling like a baby, a moment I'd like to forget.) Anyway, since then a LOT has changed! In March I got an audition w/Edgar Winter and have been his drummer for the past 11 months. Needless to say, it's been a wonderful year and I hope to see you again at this years NAMM. If you happen to have a free minute after reading this, I would be honored if you would stop in at There are some cool
pages(like the gallery page w/ our pic together, video and sound clips, and a testimonials page.
You could also sign the guestbook if you're so inclined, it would mean the WORLD to me.

God bless you.
Your drummerbruthafromanothermutha.
  11.25.06 *Photo by Steve Czubara  
  It was great to see and hear Steve at the Mission From Gadd 2 tour stop in Mesa, Arizona. I think he is
the only one of my heroes that I've ever gotten the chance to actually meet. What an additional thrill it was
to find out first hand that not only is Steve a fantastic musician, but a genuinely good-hearted person as well. His long career is proof that great talent combined with the "good old-fashioned" traits of being
humble and respectful will go a longway to getting you asked back.

Thank you, Steve, for setting such a high standard both musically and personally.

I wanted to let you know that Steve's website was an such an inspiration, I actually sat down and started
working on my own. (Steve might get a kick out of the photo of my kit.) I love his site.... I feel like I have so
much work to do to get mine to look really sharp, but at least it progressing!! He is responsible for so much
when it comes to how I've personally turned out as a drummer!!


  I got to see Steve play in Utah recently on his tour, and he is the most influential & nbsp; drummer in
my learning; and playing right now. I don't know if it's worth your time, but I just wanted to say that he
is a really great guy. I couldn't believe how genuine and humble he was. It was a great show.

  10.15.05 Don Bennett Drum Shop Bellevue, WA  

Thanks for the information, as you may well know that I am a great fan of Dr. Gadd (a real professional
and gentleman). I've admired his playing since I first heard him play in Jim Halls' "It's So Nice To Come Home To"recording back in the seventies. I do own a lot of his recordings and videos and I still look out
for his futures recordings as well. The official site is great and you're doing an excellent job. I am residing
in Hong Kong, a place where Steve visited and played with Gadd Gang, Paul Simon and Al Jarreau, however I missed out on all of these dates because of my work. He also did a clinic in one of the music stores here in HK, I again missed out on that . Please convey my regards to Dr. Steve and his family
(I saw them in the AADA video),

Hope to hear from you and thanks again, best regards,
  I'm a big fan of yours after watching Mika Marimba Madness!

-Udit Prakash

  Brilliant website-congrats to all who arranged it.

I have many questions, but I will limit it to only one...... Who is the lady standing next to Richard (Tee) in
the photo from Feb 92? Was this Eleanor, and was this their wedding? As a big admirer of the playing of
all of the NY gang I would appreciate your clarification.

Best wishes, Clive

Yes, Clive, is Elenor and it was their wedding.
The Official Steve Gadd Website
  The site is fantastic!

Everything a Steve Gadd fan wants to know about Steve and more!! Love the Timeline, the family, pets,
arts, etc... really nice touches. I remember the old GretchBD/Pearl toms days -- I had an identical set
made for me in the early 70s!! I was way into Steve and traveled to NYC to see him w/Stuff at Mikells.
It was totally smokin'
and I loved it.

Congrats on the great work.
Steve Smith

I just wanted to thank Steve and all involved with the drum clinics. I had the pleasure of bringing my
12 year old daughter to the clinic in Ontario Ca. last night. She is a talented young drummer and the info
and inspiration she walk away with last night was incredible!! She was raving about it all last night and
this morning and I am very pleased to have been able to turn her on to something new .This is something that is going to effect her and her playing forever and Steve was a very kind and gracious man which
left a great impression on her.

Signing autographs at Ontario Music 10.6.05

Thanks again!!!
-Bill Salisbury

SO NOW ONE CAN SAY : STEVE GADD IS ONLINE... Thank you again and good luck for the future
and this wonderful website...

My best wishes from North-Italy
Ciao Stephan Koler
  Steve Gadd is synonymous with groove, musicality, pleasure, beauty... Steve Gadd makes drums sing, smile, cry, laugh. There is no praise that hasn't been said or written about Steve Gadd. No words will
ever describe how unique his playing is. Steve Gadd is a living legend. A music genius. His influence
in modern music cannot be put in writing. Steve Gadd is amongst this very select and small club of musicians who REALLY changed the course of music and the instruments they are playing. He's right up there with Miles or Coltrane. I had the pleasure of being introduced to him by Neil Stubenhaus and John
JR Robinson in Koblenz in 2002. Steve was very gracious and friendly. I know that he is a wonderful
player and I am happy to say that he seems to be a wonderful human being as well. Kudos for a great website. Thanks for the efforts and good luck!

  I went to the Steve Gadd clinic tonight (10.5.05) at Milano's Music in Mesa, AZ.

For those who don't know the geography here, Mesa is a small city in the greater Phoenix area.
This was by far THE best clinic I have ever been to. It was so refreshing to see someone who did into
get out there and play to a sequenced track playing 32nd notes on the kick and out of control double
stroke rolls on a huge kit at FFFF volumes! :-) He started out playing brushes and humming the melody
to Bye Bye Blackbird. I had not seen Steve play brushes before and needles to say, it was great.
EVERY note he played tonight was all about making music. I never heard a single note that even had
a hint of ego. He took a ton of ?s from the audience and it was really interesting to hear the stories of
his musical upbringing. All I can say is that if anyone here is anywhere close to where he is doing
this clinic tour, GO! I had to leave a little early, after 90 minutes, but still everything I heard
on the drums or verbally was inspiring and musical.

-Robert Schuh
  Steve Gadd at Milano's Music 10.5.05  

My name is Jorge Vassalo, I'm from Portugal and I will be 27 next September. As you must receive
many mails each day about your Gadd website or about the man himself, I shall, if you are kind enough
to read the next few lines, take few moments of your time. Since I began drumming at the age of 6,
because of my father's love for Paul Simon, Dr. Gadd was very influential to me. I always wanted to
meet him in person because of my personal story and to thank him. That has proven to be impossible.
So, my true hope is that, through here, you can tell him my story and deliver my thanks, should you
consider it to be worthy of it. I don't expect any replies, nor will I contact this email again. So thank
you. I had a meningitis at the age of three, which developed to a brain hemoplagy (paralesis) or the
right arm and foot. it was very hard for me to make any movement, and was very awkwerd to feel
a love for playing drums as I couldn't play them straight. But as an act of love, I decided to give it a go
when I saw Gadd playing on tv. I had never seen such passion and feel in an instrument. With great
effort of blood and tears, and many failures and patience, I began drumming without moving the wrist
on my kit, right-hand put. And through hearing music and going through the feeling rather that explosive technique, I've managed, after 11 years, to become a professional musician, a drummer, focused on
groove and feel. And now I can move my wrist and fingers, I can stretch my arm just as the left one,
even play fast jazz and move my right foot straight. I have Dr. Gadd to thank too, as an inspiration,
and I would just like to say that was through his influence and music that I could gather the strength
to overcome handycapcy and perform such a "miracle". So, thank you so much , Dr Gadd. Keep on
with the good work. So, if you think this small note could be worthy, I ask you to deliver it in the
hand or eyes or ears of the Master. I have no other way to contact him.
Thank you very much for your time and patience,

With best regars,
Jorge Vassalo
  Steve, I've been a fan of your work for decades; you have always amazed me with your ability to span musical genres and styles so effortlessly. My question pertains to your work with Steely Dan in the 70's.
I have heard conflicting reports about how Becker & Fagen were to work with. Did you enjoy your
sessions with them? It certainly sounds like you did, particularly on the Aja album. Keep up the
great work Steve!

Regards, Mark Hall
PS - GREAT website!

Thanks for your e-mail. I think, that Steve Gadd is one of the master drummers, up "there" in the
echelon of the greatest musicians to ever play the instrument. Steve's a classic
(and an exciting one, at that).

I think, that The Official Steve Gadd Website is more and more better.

Thank you, Steve.
Peace, Jarek

I read this week that Steve Gadd will be in the Phoenix area on October 5. I plan on attending his drum
clinic, although I do not play the drums... I went to high school with Steve, at Eastridge High School in
East Irondequoit, New York. I was only in the beginners' band, but remember Steve being in the band
room with us part of the time. And I remember Mr. Castle, our band director, telling us "Remember the
name Steve Gadd. He's going to be famous someday!" I believed him, but didn't hear about Steve again
until 1982. Since then, I have been a big fan of Steve's! I look forward to meeting Steve again. Please
let him know that my husband and I will be there. I'm sure he won't remember me. I only went to Eastridge for my freshman year, but he did sign my yearbook, and I purchased the record album of the
Eastridge Dance Band.

Jane Gerber
Class of '64
  Salve Mr. Gadd:
Il mio nome è Carlo Stella, scrivo da Roma Italy, suono la batteria da diversi anni, ho una Yamaha
recording custom 9000 identica alla sua, quando suono cerco di imitare il suo stile, volevo
congratularmi con lei e dirle che sarà sempre il mio punto di riferimento nel suonare.
Spero di poterla incontrare un giorno in Italia.
Un saluto
Carlo Stella


Greetings, Mr. Gadd. My name is Carlo Stella. I'm writing from Rome, Italy. I have been playing the
drums for many years. I have a Yamaha recording custom 9000 identical to yours. When I play, I try to imitate your style. I want to applaud you and tell you that you will always be my point of reference
related to playing [the drums]. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you one day in Italy.

I salute you {or simply "Good bye.")
Carlo Stella
  Hey, What's happening?

Glad to get along of you. I'm a drummer in grade 11 up in Canada. I just wanted to say thanks
for inspiring me to play more. I saw a few vids of you ripping and listening to your music. It truly
move me. Thanks for being such
a great player.

Spencer Madden
  Steve Gadd in JAPAN after a L'Image gig September 2009  
  *Photo by Tony Levin  
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