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Steve Gadd - Zildjian Photo

Peter Gabriel, James Taylor, Eric Clapton & B.B. King are
just a couple of artists who called upon Steve to start the
new millennium.

Gadd at Gabriel's Real World in 2000
Photo by Tony Levin
    Steve played drums on Jame's Taylor's 2002 album,
October Road, recorded in Rochester, NY
and released in 2002.

Steve Gadd on the road with JT
  James Taylor - October Road    
    2003 finds Steve receiving Zildjian's American Drummer
Achievement Award in between touring and recording
with Eric Clapton and James Taylor. Steve has to turn
down the historic Simon and Garfunkel Reunion Tour
due to previous commitments.

2004 finds Zildjian's release of their K Custom Session
line, a reproduction of Steve's personal cymbals.

Steve Gadd - K Custom Session
Steve Gadd - 2004
  August 30th, 2004 Japan Steps Ahead reunion with:
Typhoon-like weather. Mike Stern, Darryl Jones,
Mike Brecker, and Mike Mainieri!

Steps Ahead reunion band -02004

Steve Gadd with Steps Ahead - 2004
    "It was The Tropea Band's Japan Blue Notes Tour
January 7th thru 29th, 2004. We Played all Five
in 3 weeks that January."

-John Tropea
  John Tropea & Steve Gadd    
Steve Gadd MFG - 2005

2005, after a 20 year hiatus from doing clinics
a hugely sucsessful tour featuring Steve!

Mission From Gadd III: Long Island June 2006
Photo Courtesy Zildjian
Steve Gadd - Photo by Rock Malkin
  Steve played at The PASIC 2005
November 2-5 in Columbus, Ohio:

Steve Gadd at PASIC Columbus 2005
Steve Gadd PASIC 2005 - Photo by Bryan Stone
Steve Gadd & Luis Conte on tour with James Taylor 2005
Photo by Alex Solca
Chick Corea - The Ultimate Adventure
  Steve plays drums on Chick Corea's
2006 release The Ultimate Adventure.

"I also took this project as an opportunity to make music
with some of my old friends who were so important to my
music-making in the '60s and '70s--namely, Steve Gadd,
Airto Moreira and Hubert Laws. And together with my more
recent musical partnerships with Vinnie Colaiuta, Hossam
Ramzy, Frank Gambale and Tim Garland, and finally the
members of my current band, Tom Brechtlein, Jorge Pardo,
Rubem Dantas and Carles Benavent--I was definitely
inspired by these great artists in the creation of this music."

-Chick Corea

Steve Gadd recording The Ultimate Adventure

Chick Corea: piano;
S teve Gadd: drums;
Christian McBride: bass.

"This live set revisits material from Now He Sings, Now He Sobs
(Solid State, 1968), Light as a Feather (Polydor, 1972), The Mad
Hatter (Polydor, 1978), Friends (Polydor, 1978) and Three Quartets
(Warner Brothers, 1981), focusing as much on Corea the
composer as Corea the pianist."

Super Trio - 2006
Joy! Celebrate Upstate Holiday Vol.1
  CD Release: Joy! Celebrate Upstate Holiday Vol.1
Steve Gadd performs The Om Song with the Assisi Institute.

The CD Release party was Saturday, November 25, 2006
Barnes & Noble Booksellers in Rochester, NY
*Steve was there!

      Steve and Andrea greet fans.
*Photo by Steve Czubara
    Steve Gadd plays drums on james Taylor's At Christmas:

You can't go wrong with this CD. It still boasts excellent sound
quality, great cover art all its own, a wide range of Christmastime
songs and excellent contributions by Steve Gadd, Natalie Cole,
Chris Botti and Toots Theilemans. John Pizzarelli and Dave Grusin
play guitar and piano respectively on this album as well.
  James Taylor At Christmas - 2006    
    Steve Gadd 30th Anniversary Signature Drum Kit

For more than three decades, Steve Gadd has been one of
the most influential drummers in the world – and for 30 years,
Gadd has played Yamaha drums. To commemorate this special milestone, Yamaha will introduce the Steve Gadd Signature 30th Anniversary Drum Set, a replica of the custom kit that he has
played for almost 20 years. Manufactured in a limited edition
of 50 units, each kit includes a certificate of authenticity
personally signed by Gadd.

Gadd Yamaha Kit - 2006

Gadd in Toronto- 2006
  Steve Gadd, one of the world’s most respected and talented
drummers, was the headliner at the Spring Humber Music
Jazz Concert on Wednesday, April 19 at 8:00 pm in The Auditorium, Lakeshore Campus, School of Creative & Performing Arts,
Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.

Gadd photo by Mark Lazarski
Paul Simon - Surprise
  In 2006, Steve tours with Paul Simon, James Taylor,
and does Mission From Gadd III.

Steve plays drums on Paul Simons spectacular
Surprise album, released in 2007,
and produced by Brian Eno.

"Outrageous," their best full collaboration, suggests that while
Eno and Simon may approach world music - and indeed most
pop forms - from polar extremes, the common ground they find
is truly elevated. In an era when many of his peers are content
to craft mere artistic comebacks, Simon's re-emergence here
is a bold, compelling step forward."
-Jerry McCulley

Paul Simon and Steve Gadd on GMA - May 12, 2006
      Photo by Ed Luisa
Steve on Good Morning America 5.12.06
      Photo by Ed Luisa
      Steve and Emeril Lagasse on Good Morning America 5.12.06
      Photo by Ed Luisa

Gadd 2006 - Photo by Bill Zules
  November 19th 2006 at The Blue Note in NYC
with Chick Corea: All photos by Bill Zules

Gadd 2006 - Photo by Bill Zules
      Gadd 2006 - Photo by Bill Zules
YAMAHA Drums Artist Signing - NAMM 2007

  "Been playing drums with Brian Setzer since 1992
(along with others).   Also, I have been playing percussion
mostly in the studio and some  live shows. So, I played
percussion (vibes, shaker, and snare drum) with James  
Taylor at a corporate gig in Indio, California (near Palm Springs)
  with Steve on drums.  We rehearsed on February 27 and 28th
with the  concert on February 28th which was when this photo
was taken.  Steve  has always been a huge inspiration to me
ever since I was at Eastman  from 1979-1983.  
But what a groove (literally) to play with him finally.

Thank you!
All the best,
Bernie Dresel"
Bernie Dresel & Gadd 2.2007
Meaghan's wedding: 2007
  Steve's daughter, Meaghan, gets married:

      Steve Gadd & Tony Levin play at the reception 2.3.07
Carol & Steve Gadd - 2007

Steve Gadd & Tony Levin - 2007
  Carol & Steve pose for a BREATHE magazine ad
in Rochester, NY, March 2007.

in Rochester, NY: 3.2007

Steve Gadd & Tony Levin 3.2007 Photo by Steve Czubara

Steve Gadd, Tony Levin, & Joe Brucato

Brucato's Free has Gadd on drums
Richard Stoltzman, Eddie Gomez, Gadd, Mika Yoshida: Island Magic 2008
Steve Gadd - Photo By Toshimi Hatano 2008
L'Image 2.0. CD (2009)

  L'Image originally included friends Mike Mainieri, Warren
Bernhardt, Steve Gadd, and Tony Levin. They were all
living in Woodstock at the time and decided to devote
several months to developing the music.

They rehearsed in Mainieri's barn, which was converted
into a studio, and played at the Joyous Lake (Woodstock),
The Red Creek Inn (Rochester, New York: Gadd's home),
and New York City. At a later date the quartet added guitarist
David Spinozza, who also toured with the group.

To much dismay of their worshippers, the group was
short-lived, but they did manage to record some of the
music on Mike Mainieri's solo albums, 'Love Play' and
'Wanderlust.' After and since, the members played with
each other in various groups and recordings. Finally,
L'Image reunited in 2009, recorded and released
a CD titled "2.0."

In 2009, they played shows in New York City and Japan.

February 2009 08:00 PM - IThe Iridium Jazz Club

1650 Broadway at 51st, NYC, New York

L'Image photo by Bill Zules


"Much awaited tour of Japan with my old friends, and
musical cohorts, in the band L'Image. First show will
be tonight, at the Tokyo Jazz Festival, but as always
here in Japan there is a lot to look at and photograph,
so I've got a few pictures from rehearsal day and
night here in Tokyo."

-Tony Levin (9.2009)
Steve & Mike photo by Tony Levin - 2009
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