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After graduating from Eastman, Steve spent three
years serving his country, playing drums with the
U.S. Army Stage Band.

1971: Steve meets Carol in a recording studio where she
was contracting musicians for sessions.

He returned home and started a trio with Mike Holmes and
Tony Levin, this was 1972 and shortly there after it was time
to go to New York . One of his first major gigs was with
Mike Maineri's White Elephant, who's ensemble featured
artist's such as The Brecker Brothers, John Faddis, Warren
Bernhardt and many others who all went on to becoming
the cream of New Yorks first call studio musicians.
  Steve Gadd; U.S.Army Stage Band    
Chuck Mangione Quartet Live at The Montreux Jazz Festival in 1972 Photo by Lou Marinaccio
    Soon after Steve started recording for Creed Taylors CTI label, artist's such as Hubert Laws, Joe Farrell, George Benson and Paul Desmond
& Chet Baker. By 1975 Steve's career was in high gear, he would be doing three sessions a day and then playing that night at Mikell's.
His first number one hit came that year with Van McCoy's
The Hustle
, with many more to follow

  Gadd 1972 Photo by Lou Marinaccio    
    Steve Gadd performing with Elliott Randall, Tony Levin
and Paul Fleisher playing a Concert at East Hampton
College in NY-Summer of 1973.
  Gadd 1973    
    Steve and Richard eventually became like long lost brothers,
they worked together all the time and their groove was undenialable. Steve was working all ther time, constantly
all over the world, in Japan his playing was worshiped
and it was there that transcriptions first showed up.


"There isn't a day that goes by without
a thought of Tee, they bring smiles to my face,
joy to my heart and music to my soul.
I miss you my friend. 'Til we meet again,
-Steve Gadd

• Richard Tee (November 24th, 1943-July 21, 1993)
  Gadd & Richard Tee    
    Gadd plays Montreux Jazz Fest with The Chuck Mangione
Quartet and records the Alive album with the superb solo
on St. Thomas. Moves to New York and begins studio
career par excellence. Early 70's lot's of CTI recordings
and then onto Paul Simon, Chick Corea's Leprechaun
and the now infamous Nite Sprite.

From there on Herbie Mann, George Benson, David Sanborn,
The Brecker Brothers, Bonnie Raitt, Al DiMeola, Stanley Clarke,
Bob James and the list goes on and on. In 1975, Steve was also
playing drums on Saturday Night Live besides his hectic
shedule on both the East and West Coast.
  Corea's The Leprechaun (1976)    
Steve Gadd and Rick Marotta 1975
Don Grolnick, Steve Khan, Steve Gadd, Will Lee, and Michael Brecker in 1979
Gadd w/Stuff 1976
  He was literally all over the music scene, Paul Simon,
Weather Reoprt, Barbra Streisand and countless other
recordings. 1976 saw the formation of the group Stuff,
Gordon Edwards, Eric Gale, Cornell Dupree,
Parker and Richard Tee.

1976 the group Stuff was formed what began to be known
as New York's finest rhythm section recorded constantly
and toured with Joe Cocker among others.

JAN 1,1977: at the Bottom Line in NYC...
STUFF - featuring: Gordon Edwards, Cornell Dupree,
Steve Gadd, Chris Parker, Richard Tee, Eric Gale
Also appearing GERRI GRIFFINS

Stuff: Gale, Gadd, Parker, Tee, Edwards, and Dupree 1977
Stuff (1976)
  APRIL 29 - MAY 1, 1977: at the Bottom Line in NYC...
STUFF featuring: Gordon Edwards, Cornell Dupree,
Steve Gadd, Chris Parker, Richard Tee, Eric Gale
also appearing: RON DOUGLAS

1977's Steely Dan's Aja was truly a breathtaking
performance solidly putting Steve's musicality all
over the map. Besides all this work Steve was in
demand in Japan and began his relationship with
Yamaha drums and his influence was truly worldwide.

Steely Dan "Aja" (1977)
Steve Gadd - Aja Drum Fills!
Stuff live: Richard Tee's "Groovin" (1976)
    Read Steve Khan's notes about playing with Steve Gadd
on Tightrope in 1977 here...

"Steve Gadd took this opportunity to utilize his famous
paradiddle interplay between the hi-hat and the snare to
construct an amazing drum groove for this complex meter.
For those of you, who don't follow 'drum history' too closely,
the first time Steve Gadd ever heard this 'lick' was during
a Japan tour we all did with Yoko Ono."

The Official Steve Khan Website:
  Gadd with Steve Khan 1977    
    "Every drummer wants to play like Gadd
because he plays perfect ... He has brought orchestral
and compositional thinking to the drum kit while at the
same time having a great imagination and
a great ability to swing."
-Chick Corea
  Gadd 1978    
    1979: Steve marries Carol!
  Steve & Carol Gadd    
Plastic Ono Super Band Japan Tour '74:
Rick Marotta, Steve Khan, Randy Brecker, Steve Gadd,
Michael Brecker, Don Grolnick, & Andy Muson
*Photo from The Official Steve Khan website.
Khan, Sanborn, Maineri, Tee, Gadd, Jackson, Fukamachi, & Brecker Brothers 1978
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